Friday, September 05, 2014


Wasit Tidak Adil Boo Hoo Sob

The last few games I have seen have been great fun but not because what happened on the field. Oh no, the fun has come from the losing team whose players and officials have not exactly taken defeat with a great deal of grace.

First up was Persiba Balikpapan against Persiram and oh what joy that was to be hold. At one stage the Persiram bench was signalling for the team to come off, so upset were they by the compete injustice, as they saw it, going on. They felt the ref was favouring the home team, a common enough accusation in these parts, and they may well have been right.

However, from the start, they had been rolling in the floor at the slightest bit of contact, trying to eat up valuable seconds and possibly get a fellow pro booked.

Next came Putra Samarinda v PSM. A vital game for PSM as they hoped to crown a late run with a top four spot, their hopes were dashed with a penalty awarded in the last minute. Oh, the number of times this happens! Check the video, was it a pen? And see how the PSM players reacted!

I was back in Samarinda the following night for Pusamania v Persiwa. No when it comes to spitting the dumb when things go wrong away from home, Persiwa have what you could call form and sure enough they were at it again especially when a penalty was given against them.

It seemed one of their tactics was to whine so much, no one would tackle them or give a free kick against them. It didn't work cos they lost 3-0!

To be fair, they weren't as bad as the other teams on the previous nights but then PSM and especially Persiram had raised the bar pretty high!

On one level you can't help but have some sympathy for PSM and Persiram as they both have been unable to play any games on their home turf, PSM playing in Surabaya and Persiram in Sleman but Persiwa can have no excuse. The idea of a team whining about the ref being a homer is quite ludicrous when the team whining never has its games shown live on TV and when the team went some four and a half years with just two defeats at home...yet were crap away from home!

One more thing about Persiwa. Among their protestors and pushers at Pusamania was a certain Pieter Rumaopen who was banned from football for life in 2013 for punching a ref! I can only assume the former international has been reincarnated into a new life but just continuing on from his old one!

But  it gets me how these players can summon the rage when decisions are so blatant because they know for a fact the chances are they will be the beneficiary on another occasion!

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