Thursday, September 18, 2014


Flight Plans For Persipura's Opponents

So with Persipura trailing from the first leg against Al Qadsia by 4-2 it will be important they get off to a good start in their second leg in front of their own supporters.

Jakarta Casual is offering to help!

By using our exclusive contacts within the airline industry, Mabel has a second cousin whose friend is a cleaner at a travel agent opposite Peninsular Plaza, we have come up with this easy, seamless flight schedule for our Kuwaiti friends.

d Kuwait 23.40 a Bangkok 10.50
d Bangkok 14.10 a Jakarta 17.30
d Jakarta 21.30 a Bali 00.30
d Bali 01.15 a Timika 05.55
d Timika 07.35 a Jayapura 08.40

As I am sure you will agree this route offers the Kuwaiti team a chance to see something of Indonesia...hell, they could even stay longer in Bali then fly on to Jayapura via Makassar or Darwin or something like that.

This way they can improve their air miles and see a bit of Indonesia rather than just travel all this way for a football match.

Good luck persipura. Need more of ASEAN teams in the Asian AFC / Champs League.
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