Wednesday, August 27, 2014


PSIS Crowds Fall Despite Finishing Second

The last few seasons haven't been much fun for fans of PSIS. They have sat almost anonymously in Divisi Utama, bereft of cash and ambition.

2014 offered a glimmer of hope but despite a whole heap of local derbies, unlike teams in other groups, PSIS could have travelled by bus to every away game and still been back home before the sate guy had shut up and gone home. Just check out their crowds this season when they finished second in their group.

v Persipur 8,725
v PSIR 9,870
v Persitema 12,500
v Persiku 18,571
v Persis 15,127
v PPSM 9,654
v Persip 11,200

Those seven home games saw an average crowd of 12,235, above the average in the Indonesia Super League.

Mind you, those numbers were quite substantially down on the 2013 when they attracted an average 20,027 (the first three games were from the play offs after PSIS finished 3rd in their group).

v PS Biak 15,000
v PS Bangka 18,000
v Persebaya 25,000

v Persikabo 21,900
v Persikad 25,000
v Persitema 10,278
v Persip 25,000
v Persiku 22,000
v Persipur 22,000
v Persitara 14,125
v PSCS 22,000

UPDATE - I understand that in 2014 PSIS have been selling match tickets with a bar code meaning anyone without a ticket cannot enter the stadium.

The Jatidiri Stadium also has rolling doors as entrance..
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