Friday, August 29, 2014


Management Ignoring Persita

Now I am not sure if this is a bad thing or not but with Persita struggling to avoid the drop from Indonesia Super League, coach Fabio Oliveira's frustration has boiled over. Over night the Brazilian coach has tweeted...

3 bulan tdk di gaji...bonus belum di bayar...5 bln terahir tdk ada 1 pun perwakilan dr management yg datang ke lapangan melihat latihan tim.

Roughly translated, that says salaries have been paid for three months, bonus has not been paid...for the last five months, no representative from the club management has come to see the team training.

You can be sure if the team had been winning, the batik wearing, kretek puffing management types would have been more than keen to have their photograph taken with the players  but that ain't happening.

Persita haven't won a game since early May, pauses to do some mental arithmetic, when they completed the double over Persijap, losing five of their seven games. Credible draws away to Arema and at home to Sriwijaya seem to count for nothing.

It's not as if it has been an easy season for Persita off the pitch. For the second successive season they have been forced to play their home games far from their home base of Tangerang. In 2013 they were forced to play at Kuningan, West Java while the current campaign sees them in Karawang, still West Java but still a trek.

As if that was not  bad enough, their home game against Persija was moved to Bantul while their crucial game at home to Persib has been switched to Bandung.

They sit 10th in the group and have two remaining games, one in hand on 9th placed Persik, with Pelita Bandung Raya, themselves with play off ambitions, due to visit Karawang on the last day of the season.

UPDATE - Fabio subsequently tweeted he would be stepping down with immediate effect.

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