Monday, August 04, 2014


ISL Eastern Conference Run In

1.MITRA KUKAR 15 10 2 3 28-10 32
2.PERSIPURA 15 7 8 0 22-10 29
3.PERSEBAYA 14 9 3 2 29-10 27
4.PERSELA 15 7 3 5 23-23 24

5.PERSEPAM MU 15 6  36 24-27 21
6.PUTRA SAMARINDA 15 5 5 5 25-16 20
7.PERSIRAM 16 5 5 6 13-13 20
8.PERSIBA BALIKPAPAN 16 5 4 7 13-23 19
9.PSM MAKASSAR 14 3 4 7 11-19 13
10.PERSERU 15 3 4 8 14-24 13
11.PERSIBA BANTUL 16 1 3 12 13-40 6

While there may be some scope for movement in the Western Conference as we approach the final games of the season, it is difficult to see any clubs breaking into the top four in the Eastern Conference where Mitra Kukar, Persebaya, Persipura and Persela have changed positions with each other but no one else.

Stefan Hanson has gathered together a useful looking squad at there at Kutai Kertanagera in East Kalimantan but they will need all the experience of old hands like Bima Sakti with a run in that has more banana skins than the chimp house at London Zoo. Away to Persela and Persipura anyone? Perseru may not seem so bad but MK are involved in a fair heap of travelling before they end their campaign with home games against Persebaya and PSM.

By their own high standards, Persipura have hardly set the ISL on fire this season. But they sit second, they have one of the tightest defences in the country; only Arema have conceded fewer. And they remain unbeaten! Their problem has been on their travels where they have won just one game. Perhaps they have been focusing on the AFC Cup, they play Al Kuwait on 19 August (away) and 26 August...that home leg comes three days ahead of a crucial ISL game against Mitra Kukar. And they follow that game with a trip to Persela on 2 September. I suppose the English would describe that as the defining week of their season?

Persebaya have a pretty fair away record with three wins on the road so they will be quite  relaxed knowing they have four away days left in this campaign. Especially as the first two are at Persiram and Persiba Bantul...a comfy train ride from Surabaya.

They then have two local derbies at home to Persela and Persepam in front of a near deserted Bung Tomo Stadium, the fans continue to boycott a club they see as Persikubar, before a final road trip to East Kalimantan and games against Mitra Kukar and Putra Samarinda.

On the other hand, Persela do have a pretty poor away record, five losses in eight, so they will welcome a run in that has them playing all six games pretty much on their doorstep; their two scheduled away games come at Persebaya and PSM who have used Bung Tomo for this campaign!

07/08 Persipura v Putra Samarinda
08/09 Persela v Mitra Kukar
09/09 Persiram v Persebaya
11/08 Persiba Balikpapan v Persipura
14/08 Persiba Bantul v Persebaya
19/08 Persebaya v Persela
22/08 Persebaya v Persepam
23/08 PSM v Persela
25/08 Perseru v Mitra Kukar
29/08 Persipura v Mitra Kukar
02/02 Persela v Persipura
02/02 Mitra Kukar v Persebaya
05/02 Persela v Persur
05/02 Putra Samarinda v Persebaya
05/02 Persepam v Persipura

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