Sunday, August 24, 2014


Gresik Defeat Persita In Cellar Clash

Indonesia Super League

PSM v Persela 3-1 (Rahmat 2, Kurniawan Karman; Barhanudin Nihe) 207

Bit of a surprising crowd considering both teams are pushing for a play off place. Yes, I know PSM are playing in Surabaya this season but it ain't that far for Lamongan fans to travel.

Pelita Bandung Raya v Persijap 3-0 (Bambang Pamungkas 2, Agus Indra Kurniawan) 563

Wildiansyah saw red in the dying minutes but let's face...Persijap have been so poor this season that shouldnt have been a problem. And indeed Bambang scored the third in injury time.

Gresik United v Persita 3-1 (Bastian Tahamada, Pedro Javier, Otavia Dutra; Sirvi Arfani) 11,600

Wow, the Gresik fans returned for a game...they have been strangely absent for much of the season as the team has struggled against relegation. This win gives them some breathing space above the drop zone and leaves Persita and Perik right in the doo doo.

8 - Gresik United 18 4 8 6 20-29 20
9 - Persik 17 5 2 24-31 17
10 - Persita 18 4 3 11 19-30 15
11 - Persijap 18 2 1 15 11-47 7

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