Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Divisi Utama Play Offs

Group J: Pro Duta, Persikabo, PSCS, PSIS
2 September Pro Duta vs PSCS, Persikabo vs PSIS
6 SeptemberPSCS vs Persikabo, PSIS vs Pro Duta
10 SeptemberPersikabo vs Pro Duta, PSIS vs PSCS
16 SeptemberPro Duta vs Persikabo, PSCS vs PSIS
20 SeptemberPersikabo vs PSCS, Pro Duta vs PSIS
24 SeptemberPSCS vs Pro Duta, PSIS vs Persikabo

Group K : PSPS, PS Bangka, PSGC, Persis
2 September PSPS vs PSGC, PS Bangka vs Persis
6 SeptemberPSGC vs PS Bangka, Persis vs PSPS
10 SeptemberPS Bangka vs PSPS, Persis vs PSGC
16 SeptemberPSPS vs PS Bangka, PSGC vs Persis
20 SeptemberPS Bangka vs PSGC, PSPS vs Persis
24 SeptemberPSGC vs PSPS, Persis vs PS BAngka

Group L : PSS, Martapura FC, Persewangi, runner-up grup 8
2 September PSS vs Persewangi, Martapura FC vs ru8
6 SeptemberPersewangi vs Martapura FC, Ru8 vs PSS
10 SeptemberMartapura FC vs PSS, Ru8 vs Persewangi
16 SeptemberPSS vs Martapura FC, Persewangi vs RU8
20 SeptemberMartapura FC vs Persewangi, PSS vs RU8
24 SeptemberPersewangi vs PSS, Ru8 vs Martapura FC

Group M : Persinga, Borneo FC, Persebo, Persiwa
2 September Persinga vs Persebo, Borneo FC vs Persiwa
6 SeptemberPersebo vs Borneo FC, Persiwa vs Persinga
10 SeptemberBorneo FC vs Persinga, Persiwa vs Persebo
16 SeptemberPersinga vs Borneo FC, Persebo vs Persiwa
20 SeptemberBorneo FC vs Persebo, Persinga vs Persiwa
24 SeptemberPersebo vs Persinga, Persiwa vs Borneo FC

Group 8 is still mired in some confusion regarding the runners up. Apparently, Persewon didn't turn up for their final home game which was a bit daft!
The last plan I heard was just two teams would be promoted to the ISL for next season from the play offs.

Strong representation from Cetral Java and Yogyakarta; Persinga, Persis, PSIS, PSCS and PSS. And xome of them have the potential to pull big crowds!

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