Monday, August 04, 2014


ASEAN Championship Magic

The ASEAN Football Federation Championship may npt attract much in the way of headlines outside of the region...indeed inside it for the teams who aren't doing very well, but don't underestimate the impact it has on those involved in the game.

Take for example these attendances from 2010

Semi final 1st leg Indonesia v Philippines 80,000 +++
Semi final 2nd leg Philippines v Indonesia 80,000 +++
Final 1st leg Malaysia v Indonesia 85,000 +++
Final 2nd leg Indonesia v Malaysia 85,000 +++

That is more than 330,000 attending the four games! Crowd figures are approximate of course but based on those released at the time. And the Indonesia v Philippines semi final legs were both played in Jakarta.

This year the tournament will be held in Hanoi and Singapore...the draw will be held later this week!

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