Monday, June 09, 2014


Russian Footballer Left To Rot In Indonesia

Here we go again.

Have you heard of Sergei Litvinov? Nope, nor have I. He first came out to Indonesia for the IPL, remember that thing, where the league promised to change the game and honour players' contracts?

Litvinov signed for Solo FC, joined Persikab in 2012 before playing at PSLS last year.
Litvinov (58) lining up for Solo Ksatria in 2011

Now he is stuck. In Solo. With no money. Because PSLS refuse to honour his contract and pay him his money.

We have been here before. Solo has been here before. Remember Diego Mendieta, the Paraguayan striker who was left to go from hospital to hospital because he couldn't afford to pay for the treatment? He eventually died in Solo, all but forgotten by the world except a few fans of the local team.

Now we have this Russian lad who can't go home to see his family because he has no money and is left to sell drinks at a road side stall.

I wonder what the 'official' Indonesian players' union, known as APSI, are doing to help him? Because the union recognised by the rest of the world, APPI, are not recognised by the PSSI here. So, can we expect to hear from APSI on this matter?

More about Sergei...on You Tube (in Indonesian) and on a local website (in Indonesian).

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