Saturday, May 03, 2014


Tampines Rovers v Albirex Niigata 1-1

Both Tampines and warriors had the opportunity to gain ground on the SLeague leaders DPMM over the last couple of evenings but both failed to take the opportunity leaving Steve Kean and his merry band to celebrate in Sharia ruled Brunei with lashings of fizzy pop.

Going into the game with a new coach, Tampines fell behind when Shuhei Hotta gave the visitors, who seemed to have more fans than the champions and supposed home team, an early lead.

Tampines certainly had the possession and chances, hitting the wordwork twice but they left late before Luis Alberto Closa dorve home from outside the area after Albirex had failed to clear a corner.

After the game there was a stand up argument between the announcer guy and one of the Tampines fans. No idea what it was about but to be honest was more entertaining than most of the guy. Lucky the announcer had turned the public address system off or the Clementi air would have turned blue!

There was another incident off the field that saw five officials tell one photographer to move. Five!

In the other game that noght, Geylang International drew 1-1 with Tanjong Pagar at Bedok Stadium. Felice Ezequiel equalised seven minutes from the end to keep the Eagles unbeaten run under Jorg Steinbrunner going.

Last night saw the Uniform Derby between Homes United and Warriors and I must admit I had been looking forward to this game...except I had to fly home and missed the bloody thing!

Alex Weaver seems to be putting together a pretty tasty squad at Chua Chu Kang way and the club were riding high in the league. And, in a Jakarta Casual exclusive, I can reveal that Weaver was at the Tampines game and sat for awhile with some of his players where they discussed...babies. Yep, you just don't get this kind of stuff in the mainstream media!

Fat lot of good it did them. They were thumped 4-1 by inconsistent Home.Fazrul Nawaz continued his fine start to the season, giving Home the lead  on 12 minutes but Hafiz Rahman equalised half way through the first half.

The veteran Indra Sahdan scored twice in six minutes to set Home up for a memorable win and that Brazilian guy with a Japanese name scored to make in 4-1 in the last minute.

The Home United coach had come under the microscope in recent weeks for some frankly odd decisions regarding playing players out of position but I guess if the team can win like this then the complaints will die down.

Another shock in the other game with Young Lions winning 3-0 at Hougang United!

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