Friday, May 23, 2014


Persipura Top Of Western Conference

Mitra Kukar enjoyed some 24 hours at the top of the table but now it is Persipura's turn after they defeated Persiba Bantul 2-0 with two goals within the first nine minutes. Just 1,117 saw the game...what is that all about? Why are Persipura fans turning their back on the team?

In yesterdays other game, Persija were held 1-1 at Gresik United, another team whose fans are staying away...just 2,150 saw this game.

When you factor in Persebaya fans boycotting their 'team', and Persiram and PSM being forced to play outside their own cities you gotta wonder just what is going on at those football clubs.

The average attendance across the ISL is still over 10,000 but there is a marked difference between the eastern and western conferences.

i dont know how much the ticket price in Jayapura, but Persipura Mania (supporter club of Persipura) complained the ticket price is too expensive...
You got the title wrong, there.. Persipura is in Eastern Conf.,,

also, on Gresik v Persija match, I honestly don't know exactly the attendance number, but based on liga indonesia's website, it was 11,300..
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