Friday, May 09, 2014


Marvelous For Semen Padang

Coach Jafri Sastra has reacted to finishing fourth in the first half of the ISL season by getting rid of three players and bringing in two more.

Ezequiel Gonzales, who was so prolific and spent so long at Persiba Bantal, has been dropped from the squad as have Stevie Bonisapa and Wahyu Wijiastanto.

To replace them, Jafri has brought in Osas Marvelous, formerly of Persiram and in one memorable season so prolific with PSAP.

Joining the marvelous one in Minang country is Valentino Talebun, a defender from Persita.

Having conceded 10 goals in the opening games, obviously there was a  need to tighten up the defence while Marvelous has scored goals on a regular basis in the past.

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