Wednesday, May 07, 2014


APPI Hold Legal Seminar As Clubs 'Drop' Players

The Indonesia Players' Union, along with FIFPro held a legal seminar yesterday in Jakarta and very interesting it was to. I did an interview with FIFPro's Brendan Scwab so I won't go into too much detail about what happened at the meeting.

There was though an interesting bit about club's breaking players' contracts without 'just cause'.

In other news, Persepam MU have announced they are dropping 10 players. That is after winning their last two home games under new coach Arcan Iurie.

10 players out, halfway through the season! The club are waiting for new arrivals to trial for the privilege to join the football club. Dunno about you but I am not sure I would want to play for a club that feels it can just drop half its squad halfway through the season, just weeks after ditching the coach. The word stable doesn't spring to mind, even here.

Sriwijaya have dropped Iranian defender Vali Korsandipish.

Hold there a link between the first paragraph and the third? Hmmm

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