Sunday, April 13, 2014


The Curious Case Of Pusamania Borneo

After I had been leaving on South East Asia a few years I decided to cut back on some of my personal belongings. A few books and some clsothes got lost by the wayside.

And I made the heart wrenching decision to leave my logic locked in a left luggage locker at Heathrow Airport. It was for the best. Things just took too long to explain and it would never understand it anyway.

Here is another example. It is hilarious but it defies logic.

Some fans of Pusam, formerly known as Persisam, decided they wanted to form their own football club. One guy told me they weren't happy about all the politics in the game. I also understand with Persisam moving to a new stadium in or around Samarinda, some who unhappy with the expense and longer journey times.

So they did a Manchester United and formed their own club, called Pusamania Borneo. The name encapsulates the traditions, heritage and origins of the original club so fair enough.

Rather than work their way up through the leagues though as most new clubs have to they scouted around to buy an existing club. I know what you are fans!

They found one...Perseba Super Bangkalan from the island of Madura.

They duly bought the club and changed the name to reflect its new owners, at the same time I guess consigning the old club to history.

With the release of the Divisi Utama fixtures, there we see the new team drawn alongside their opponents for the upcoming campaign...alongside Persida, Persekap, Persepar, Deltras, Martapura, PSMP, Perseta...a neat mixture of teams from East Java and the island of Borneo.

Just one thing though...the same official fixture list shows Pusamania Borneo playing their home games in ...Bangkalan!

So the club that was formed by fans in a city in East Kalimantan could well be playing their home games on a totally different island on a totally different province...while keeping their name and roots!

Explain that one...logically!

UPDATE - Now it seems they are playing their home games in Samarinda!

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