Saturday, April 05, 2014


Rebranding Familiar Names

Back in 2011 Persema and Persibo are two of the Indonesia Super League clubs who hitched their cart to the wrong pony when they withdrew from the ISL to join the Premier League, remember, the one that was going to change the game?

Memories seem to be long in football about certain matters here and this coming season will not see Persema or Persibo in either the ISL or Divisi Utama. Instead, they have to work their up from the very bottom.

Well, now both clubs from East Java are starting the long, lonely road back to the top hoping a rebranding can help extinguish some of the bad vibes hanging around them.

Persema, who went retro last year with a crest and kit reverting back to their early days, are now calling themselves Persema 1953 while Persibo are also calling on their history by rebranding themselves Persibo 1949.

Persibo, now matter what they call themselves, may have a tougher task of rehabilitating themselves after a humiliating AFC Cup campaign that saw them losing 8-0 away to Hong Kong side Sunray Cave JC Sun Hei after 65 minutes only for the ref to call the game off because Persibo were only left with six players after a series of injuries.

Their record in that campaign is worth recalling.

Yangon United v Persibo 3-0
Persibo v New Radiant 0-7
Persibo v Sun Hei 3-3
Sun Hei v Persibo 8-0
Persibo v Yangon United 1-7
New Radiant v Persibo 6-1

They finished fourth, no shit, with one point, scoring five goals and conceding 34.

The club patently had no money and it seems like everyone just left them out to dry and sod the reputation of Indonesian football.

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