Wednesday, April 23, 2014


PSSI Fund Raising Day

Yesterday on Twitter several people were showing photos of old coins suggesting they could come in handy for PSSI as they seem to be short of a bob or two.

So the disciplinary committee held a meeting to pass judgement on recent events.

Persib fans were banned from attending away games for a period of six months after they travelled to Gresik for their ISL game on Sunday. Apparently, they had already been banned!

Umm, I may be no Sherlock Holmes but no one noticed a bunch of kids wearing blue shorts converging on Gresik? They were allowed to travel, they were allowed to enter the stadium and the fans get punished?

Persepam MU, Persib, Barito Putra, Gresik United were fined after their fans let off flares and fireworks inside the stadium and were warned they could face playing a home game without fans if it happens again.

Divisi Utama clubs PSS, PSIS, PSMP and PSCS also received a similar warning.

Persis must play Persip behind closed doors after incidents that marred their game against PPSM.

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