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Indonesia's European Record

Indonesia's recent tour of Spain was only their sixth visit to Europe since independence

09/09/1956 Yugoslavia v Indonesia 4-2 (Belgrade)
12/09/1956 Croatia v Indonesia 5-2 (Zagreb)
20/09/1956 East Germany v Indonesia 3-1 (Karl Marx Stadt)

That first tour is interesting as it shows perhaps the leftist leanings of the government of the time even though it comes just months after the country had hosted the Non Aligned Movement conference in Bandung.

And that game with the time there was very much a Yugoslavia so I wonder how the Croatia team was a representative 11?

03/09/1974 Denmark v Indonesia 9-0 (Copenhagen)

A one off friendly coming 18 years after the last European visit to a country at the heart of a new Europe and its European Economic Community.

30/10/1996 Moldova v Indonesia 2-1 (Genoa)
03/11/1996 Lithuania v Indonesia 4-0 (Vilnius)
16/11/1996 Estonia v Indonesia 3-0 (Celle Ligure)
24/11/1996 Iraq v Indonesia 4-0 (Italy)

A fairly lengthy tour when Indonesia was booming as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. And to celebrate they played friendlies against a group of 'new' countries emerging from behind the Iron Curtain. Oh, and Iraq!

Little could anyone realise what would happen to Iraq between 1996 and 2007 when they visited Indonesia as part of the AFC Asian Cup and won the trophy in front of an appreciative crowd at the Bung Karno Stadium.

04/07/1999 Lithuania v Indonesia 2-2 (Estonia)
06/07/1999 Estonia v Indonesia 0-0 (Estonia)
10/07/1999 Levadia Tallin v Indonesia 2-0 (Estonia)
12/07/1999 Viljandi Tulevik v Indonesia 3-0 (Estonia)

Back to Estonia, this time playing a couple of local club sides and still not managing a victory in European soil. Interesting time again with the country going through the throes of a financial crisis.

28/09/2000 Vitesse Arnhem v Indonesia 4-2 (Netherlands)
05/10/2000 Dordrecht 90 v Indonesia 4-1 (Netherlands)
07/10/2000 NAC Breda v Indonesia 7-1 (Netherlands)

Whoops...a bit of a bashing in the Netherlands!

26/03/2014 Andorra v Indonesia 0-1 (Valencia)
29/03/2014 Cuba v Indonesia 1-0 (Valencia)
02/04/2014 Villarreal B v Indonesia 0-1 (Valencia)

Finally. Almost 60 years after their first foray into Europe, Indonesia gains not just one win but two!

SOURCE - results and dates come from Top Skor

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