Wednesday, April 09, 2014


Franchise FC Win First Game In CLeague

OK, so it was 30 March but hey, my internet is pretty slow!

Albirex Niigata have been spreading their presence through South East Asia; first in Singapore's SLeague and this season making their debut in Cambodia's CLeague.

It hasn't been the best of starts for the Japanese side. They lost their first six games, only reversing the trend at the end of March.

25/01 - Boueng Ket 1-4
02/02 - Svar Rieng 2-6
08/02 - Tri Asia 2-8
16/02 - Police Commissary 0-5
23/02 - Naga Corp 0-2
01/03 - Phnom Penh Crown 1-4
30/03 - Western University 2-1

No surprise they are bottom of the 12 team CLeague.

Often many payers from Albirex Niigata have made their back to the mother ship in Japan and made careers there?

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