Sunday, March 23, 2014


Wine Merchants, Expats Galore in Hong Kong

Currently in Hong Kong and went to a couple of games yesterday which were thoroughly enjoyable if not a wee bit nippy.

Rather than do any kind of match report I thought it would be interesting to look at some of the players who were lining up in the games I saw.

For example, Giovane Alves da Silva. A Brazilian striker, he has been in Hong Kong a few years now and been a prolific scorer. Yesterday, he hit a hat trick for Eastern Salon against Sunray Cave JC Sun Hei but his wiki shows he has netted 30 goals plus for every club he has been with.

In the second game, Sun Pegasus had a few interesting people in their line up.

Jaime McKee is a Hong Kong international and a grandson of a former Birmingham City player. It seems that while he was born in England, McKee grew up in an expat background and has spent most of his life in Hong Kong, hence becoming an international. He plays out wide for Sun Pegasus and looked pretty bloody quick.

Then we have Michael Campion. Born and bred in Hong Kong, one time merchant banker, he gave up flogging wine to play football professionally! You can read his story here.

Aussie Marko Jesic played for Newcastle Jets in the A League before heading to Hong Kong where he now plays for Pegasus and is a formers Aussie Under 23 international.

Also with Sun Pegasus, who must have one of the most interesting squads in the league, is Landon Ling, a music producer, singer and songwriter. And footballer who once was with Blackburn's youth set up and played in Canada and Czech Republic.

Incidentally, Pegasus were once coached by Dejan Antonic, now of course with Pelita Bandung Raya.

Talking of the Indonesian connection, maybe lining up for Yuen Long against Pegasus last night was a Brazilian striker Fabio Lopes, formerly of Persib and Persija. I say programmes and no team sheett so I don't have a scooby!

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