Saturday, March 29, 2014


Whatever Happened To ... Obadin Aikhena

I guess Singapore has done away with its naturalisation project. You know, the one that saw the likes of Mustafic Fahrudin, Alex Duric and Agu Casmir earn Singapore passports and go on to represent their new country.

I always thought Obadin Aikhena was being groomed to join that list. He was part of an excellent Gombak United, remember them, built by Darren Stewart and featuring the likes of Casmir, Gabriel Obatola, Goran Subaru, Fazrul Nawaz and that Kingsley geezer.

Obadin was a consistent performer at the back, part of a rearguard that had the reputation of one of the meanest in the SLeague.

But then it seemed the naturalisation project seems to have been quietly dropped amid a backdrop of Singaporeans whining about the number of foreigners in their country.

Kingsley and Obatola had their work permit applications rejected a few seasons back, leaving Gombak right up the crapper a few games into the season, while before this season Mamadou Diallo had his turned down as well.

 I have no idea whether or not Obadin had dreams of playing Singapore or not but I guess the moment has now passed. He is now playing in the Myanmar National League with Nay Pyi Taw.

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