Thursday, March 27, 2014


Singapore's french Reunion

The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) is pleased to announce that the Singapore National Team will face the France National Under-21 Team in a friendly game.
 Details of the friendly game are as follow :
Match             : Singapore National Team vs France National Under-21 Team
Date/Date       : 2nd June / Monday
Venue             : Reunion Island
Kick-off          : 9pm
Singapore National Team Head coach Bernd Stange expresses his delight in leading the team against a top European team, saying: “ I am absolutely thrilled for the boys to have this opportunity to play against one of the top Under-21 teams in the world. This is a great platform for us to bring in and test some of our younger players against top notch opposition and we have a committed group of players in this squad who are determined to prove their place in the National Team, even for a friendly game. The exposure and experience of playing against a top international team will be essential to their development and will add value to the team’s strength and I am sure our boys will give everything they have into this game. I am looking forward to an exciting game of brilliant football and regardless of the result, I know my players will have a lot to learn from it.”  
COMMENT - wonder whether the hardcore Lions Al The Way will make the trip? To be fair, will anyone make the trip? I can't imagine there being many direct flights between Changi and that tint island in the middle of nowhere...a quick look at Skyscanner is showing a 52 hour trip cost about $4,000!
You would hope the Singapore players won't be doing that. I mean. think of poor old Aleksander Duric for a start. 52 hours squeezed on planes or stuck at boring old airports...
Would love to know the logistics behind this would hope someone out there is paying for it 'cos having such a trip mid season makes no sense! ( I know there is a mid season break from 24/5 to 4/6 but are the clubs happy about this?

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tch tch tch... what reunion?
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