Sunday, February 23, 2014


Thai Refs Have Been Shot At

There have been complaints about biased refereeing and rumours about referees taking bribes. Several match officials were shot last year but FAT and TPL officials insisted they had nothing to do with alleged match fixing

FAT and TPL officials have warned wayward referees that they will face severe punishment now that the professional sports law has been in place.

SOURCE - Bangkok Post

What a phenomenal end to a pre season preview in the Bangkok Post. Match officials were shot? Evidence? Links?

I am sure that if match officials in Thailand have been shot at, FIFA would like to know about it. They may not do anything; they ban Brunei cos a couple of family members have a chat but do zilch when the head of the Indonesian FA does bird.

Then there is that bit about 'wayward' referees!

In a country where status is everything, where politics and business is a game of one phu yai trumping another, the idea that the referee has that much influence is frankly laughable and an insult to the readers.

Especially when you consider the writer is a Thai who will well understand the complicated web of relationships and patronage that control daily life up there.

To read the story you would end up thinking the refs have an inordinate amount of control and are able, in theory, to get the better of clubs like Buriram United, Muang Thong United and Suphanburi and, more importantly, the people who control them.

Exactly the same thing happens in Indonesia. The refs get the blame when in fact everyone knows, but is too scared to say, what really goes on.

In a country where corruption is rife and relationships is everything, the last two paragraphs are total bollocks.

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