Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Persiram Get Own Post Shock

Let's face it. Not much is known about Persiram Raja Ampat beyond the fact they have some nice beaches and diving. Well, they would do if they had a home ground!

They don't. A couple of seasons back they played some home games at Lebak Bulus while this season they have moved to Sleman.

But what I love about Persiram is the names of their players...they are priceless!

Take for example their recent 1-1 draw away to Persebaya.

They have a midfielder called Gideon Way. Not a street, a midfielder!

Marvelous is up front for may remember his goal feats for PSAP a couple of seasons back. 

Messi is in midfield, alongside Gideon no doubt. That is the Way to go!

Up front was Errol Ethicus...much better than Errol Flynn don't you think!

On the bench was Moses, Engelberd, Edison and Elvis!

You know what? If I was the coach of Persiram, I would have kept Precious and signed Radikal Idealis. Not because we needed them...but because they have great names!

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