Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Persiba Bantul Concerned By Supporter Violence

Just hours after I praised Persiba Bantul and their forward line comes news they may withdraw from the Indoneia Super League!

Indonesian football loves its duelisme. In recent years we have seen two football associations, two leagues, two teams with same name and for a few memorable weeks two national teams.

Many clubs have more than one supporters club and this can lead to hilarity or indeed violence.

I have written before about the different groups who follow Persijap Jepara. When I saw them at Si Jalak Harupat pre season against Pelita Bandung Raya in the Inter Island Cup you had one group of a few dozen behind one goal and another group of a few dozen behind the other!

Persiba Bantul it seems are not immune to this nonsense either. Apparently, during their game with Persiram at the weekend, two groups went at it together. Why? I have no idea and I guess if you asked the foot soldiers what they were doing they wouldn't know either.

One report suggested one fan ended up in a coma but that has not been confirmed.

News reports suggest the club are concerned about this trouble and are considering three options.

1 - Pulling out of ISL
2 - Playing home games behind closed doors
3 - Moving to another town.

I dunno to read this. Are they over reacting or are they behaving sensibly?

Of course, there are other options but totally impractical in this part of the world.

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