Thursday, February 13, 2014


More Dead Indonesian Football Fans

I mentioned a couple of days ago about the trouble in Bantul between rival supporters groups. Well, it seems one fan has died as a result of the fighting.

What the fuck is all that about? This was not a barney between fans of two different teams, it was fans of the same club battering the shit out of each other and, in one case, the life out of one fan.

Does these people even know why they were fighting their own? And for who?

There is enough crowd misbehaviour when fans of opposing teams clash without supporters now turning on each other.

Persiba Bantul are still unsure what they will do ie withdraw from the league, play behind closed doors or move to another city.

Perhaps as a first step they should gather together representatives of the rival factions and tell them that this behaviour is totally unacceptable and has no place within the football club. Maybe get the players involved, talking to the supporters though it is questionable how many of the fans will know which player is which.

Meanwhile it looks like police in Solo are looking into another incident where a fan was attacked and died at a friendly, yep, friendly between Pre Pon Central Jav Pon are the national games played out between the different provinces) and Indonesia U19s.

Too many fans die at football matches in Indonesia. Too many people die on the roads in Indonesia. Too many animals die at a zoo in Surabaya. Too little is done to address these issues.

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