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Malaysia Wrap

PKNS v ATM 1-0 (Patrick Ronaldinho Wleh)
LionsXII v Selangor 2-2 (Shakir Hamzah, Khairul Amri; Shazwan Raduwan)
Sarawak v Kelantan 0-1 (Forkey Doe)
Perak v Terengganu 1-0 (Guardiano)
T Team v Johor Darul Takzim 1-0 (Patrich Wanggai)
Sime Fdarby v Pahang 1-0 (Razi Kamaruddin)

Selangor v Pahang 1-0 (Paulo Rangel)
Johor Darul Takzim v LionsXII 2-2 (Luciano Figueroa, Pablo Aimar; Khairul Amri, Hafiz Sujad)
Terengganu v T Team 2-0 (Marcio Souza, Ashari Samsuddin)
ATM v Perak 1-0 (Juan Arosteguei)
Kelantan v PKNS 1-2 (Ahmad Fakri Saarani; Fauzan Dzulkifli, Aminuddin Noor)
Sarawak v Sime Darby 3-0 (Joseph Kalang Tie, Gabor Gyepes, Milorad Janjus)

Selangor, Terengganu, ATM, Kelantan, PKNS share the lead with six points as the season takes time out for Chinese New Year.

That flood of goals I talked about in my season preview? Not happening is it? Just shows I know squit about football!

I guess you could describe it as a cagey start to the season more than anything else with clubs feeling each other out.

Malaysia Premier League

Felda United v PBAPP 1-1 (Edward Wilson Junior; Daud Zo)
Negeri Sembilan v DRB Hicom 2-1 (Josef Kaplan 2; Ogonboyu Iyanu)
Kedah v Perlis 4-1 (Baddrol Bakhtiar, Billy Mehmet 2, Syazwan Zainon; Farizal Rozali)
SPA Putrajaya v UiTM 0-1 (Charles Obiikechukwu)
Johor Darul Takzim v PDRM 1-3 (Braulio Rodriquez; Alif Amiruddin, Bobby Gonzales, Fadhli Hashim)
Penang v Sabah 3-1 (Zharif Hasna, Hilton Moreira; Abdul Rahman)

The first game I went to notwithstanding, Felda United’s opener, there is an argument that this season’s Premier League could be as exciting as Malaysia’s top flight. There’s some pretty big names in the division this season and other clubs who have invested heavily.

The north east derby between Kedah and Perlis is a rehash of the Malaysia Cup final back in 2004 and who can forget that Kedah team that went on a trophy rampage towards the end of the first decade of the century?

And of course Negeri Sembilan will want to return to the top flight as quickly as possible as will their new coach, Sundramoorthy who last season led LionsXII to the title.

PBAPP v Negeri Sembilan 0-0
\PDRM v Penang 5-1 (Bobby Gonzales, Fadhil Hashim, Shahril Izwan, Ali Ashfaq, Charles Souza Chad; Yong Kuong Yong)
UiTM v Johor Darul Takzim II 1-1 Kassim Sadallah; Aznie Taib)
Perlis v SPA Putrajaya 0-1 (Khairul Azry Abdul Rahman)
DRB Hicom v Kedah 0-2 (Billy Mehmet 2)
Sabah v Felda United 1-3 (Rozaimi Abdul Rahman; Zah Rahan, Edward Wilson Junior 2)

Another highly fancied side by the totally unheralded PBAPP. Two games, tow points and just a goal conceded, the team from Penang may not be the prettiest on the eye but they sure do make it difficult for opposing teams to break down.

Talking Felda, the Liberian connection helped them to a 3-1 win over in Sabah. Zah Rahan scored his first for his new team while Wilson added a pair to make it three in two games for the former Seman Padang striker.

After two rounds, PDRM and Kedah are the only teams with 100% records in the division if you exclude Perlis, Sabah and DRB Hicom who have yet to earn a point between them.

The Cops lead Kedah just on goal difference and like the Super League, the Premier League is taking a sabbatical for Chinese New Year and the FA Cup next week.

lionsxii beat selangor 2-1 not 2-2
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