Tuesday, January 07, 2014


Singapore's New Stadium

The Leveraged Hub Key Performance Indicator Multi Activity Node could well be hosting its forst game in May.

Singapore's new national stadium has been much delayed but finally the finishing touching are being applied and apparently one bright spark has suggested it might be an idea if the seats faced the field which could be revolutionary.

And Singapore's first opponents? When they stopped using it they had more farewells than the Damned with Brazil and Australia saying goodbye to the Kallang Roar on occasion.

But to welcome the new one it seems Singapore are not looking beyond Malaysia! Apparently an exciting English Premier League will stop English clubs coming, just offer them cash and they will come crawling, while the world cup may also limit the options.

Now I know there is a lot of history between Singapore and Malaysia and older fans fondly recall the old Malaysia Cup clashes in the same way I bore on about life in England before football was invented by Sky in 1992.

But surely some imagination could have been used?

Perhaps a club tournament featuring the likes of Persib, Kelantan and a well supported Thai team alongside a Singapore team would have sent out a message that Singapore is a hub of Asean football(!).

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