Sunday, January 12, 2014


Singapore And Marquee Players

I can't help feeling Warriors coach Alex Weaver has called this right.

He was being asked about the impact of marquee players and he questioned their motivation.

The SLeague introduced the notion of marquee players to try and boost interest in the league that still fails to attract fans in any serious numbers.

A marquee player would have some of his salary subsidised and a committee would assess his potential impact at the gate.

They must also have played in a top European league or a world cup.

"I'm not exactly a big fan of the status," said Weaver. "You have to ask yourself why these (big-name) players would come. I just wonder if they are desperate to win an S-League title or if they're just happy to enjoy the fantastic lifestyle Singapore has to offer.I'm not trying to be negative on the scheme. It's just that I'd prefer younger, hungrier players than having an older, marquee one."

You only have to look at Tampines' marquee last season, Martin Wagner. When I saw the Stags last season, I never noticed the Argentine until he was subbed. Compare that with the attitude you see on the field from players like Duric, Kaplan, etc.

Among the players supposedly offered to or been in talks with SLeague clubs have been Eidur Gudjonssen and David Healy.

There is also the effect on the dressing room moral when an aging player comes over on a high salary, gets all these other benefits yet doesn't really pull his weight. Not the best for team building.

A big name who is only in it for a final pay day is no benefit for Singapore football.

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