Wednesday, January 01, 2014


Inter Island Cup 2014 Draw


Semen Padang v Sriwijaya (Padang)
Arema v Persepam (Malang)
Persija v Persela (Malang)
Barito Puta v Persisam (Banjarmasin)
Mitra Kukar v Persiba (Banjarmasin)
Persipura v Perseru (Jayapura)
Persiram v PSM (Jayapura)


Persepam v Persija (Malang)
Arema v Persela (Malang)
Persisam v Mitra Kukar (Banjarmasin)
Barito Putra v Persiba (Banjarmasin)
Perseru v Persiram (Jayapura)
PSM v Persipura (Jauapura)


Persebaya v Gresik United (Surabaya)
Persik v Persiba Bantul (Surabaya)


Persib v Persita (Soreang)
Pelita Bandung Raya v Persijap (Soreang)
Persepam v Persela (Malang)
Arema v Persija (Malang)
Persik v Gresik United (Surabaya)
Persebaya v Persiba Bantul (Surabaya)
Persisam v Persiba (Banjarmasin)
Barito Putra v Mitra Kukar (Banjarmasin)
Perseru v PSM (Jayapura)
Persipura v Persiram (Jayapura)


Sriwijaya v Semen Padang (Palembang)
Persita v Pelita Bandung Raya (Soreang)
Persib v Persijap (Soreang)


Persik v Persiba Bantul (Surabaya)
Persebaya v Gresik United (Surabaya)


Persita v Persijap (Soreang)
Persib v Pelita Bandung Raya (Soreang)


Padang - H Agus Salim Stadium
Malang - Kanjuruhan Stadium
Banjarmasin - Demang Lehman Stadium
Jayapura - Mandala Stadium
Surabaya - Bung Tomo Stadium
Soreang - Jalak Harupat Stadium

The formula for the Big 8 Draw  and subsequent dates can be found here.

There may be some changes!

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