Tuesday, January 07, 2014


Indonesia's Division Three

The 3rd round of games in Division Three will kick off this weekend, at the same time as the IIC!

Ciracas Stadium, Jakarta starts 13 January
PS Tasbi Medan, Bina Bakat Riau, Persipar Pariaman, PS Benteng Bengkulu.

Bangkalan Stadium, Madura starts 9 January
Perseba Bangkalan, Persitangsel, Benfica FC, Persab Brebes

Bone Stadium, Sulawesi starts 8 January
Persibone, Persmin Minahasa, Nabire Putra, Persintan.

Singaraja Stadium, Bali starts 8 January
Undiksha FC Bali, Persekobi Bima dan Persebun Pangk.Bun

Information about this division is very hard to find but luckily there are a couple of twitter accounts that are very helpful @BLAI_ID and &ligaamatir.They will also be the best resource for who plays when.

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