Tuesday, January 07, 2014


Deltras Cash Problems

This coming season could see the city of Sidoarjo, just outside Surabaya, boast two teams in Divisi Utama.

Persida earned promotion from Division One and they could come up against Deltras if they are drawn in the same group.

Deltras are the club with a bit of history behind them having been familiar names in the top flight in recent years but, like so many, they have struggled for cash.

Rumours recently have seen the club sold and moved to another area; rumours stoutly denied by the local government who say they still own the club and they are going nowhere.

But with the season just weeks away, there is little movement from the club. Without any cash they have not even started building a team for next season while, to the fans; chagrin, neighbours Persida have at least begun that quite important task.

With a good team, it would not be unusual to see crowds pushing 20,000 at the Delta Stadium on a regular basis but those days are long gone. More recently they have struggled with a few thousand and with such inertia at the top this close to a new season, it is difficult to believe fans are going to be enthused about any cobbled together squad come next month.

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