Sunday, December 29, 2013


Arthit Moves To Chainat

Who cares, you might ask?

Well, Arthit Sunthornpit was one of those players who stands out the first time you see him. He was obviously a talented lad, I noticed that. But there was something else. He didn't do much. If he didn't have the ball he didn't put into too much effort to get it back or provide an outlet for a team mate.

He's the kind of player you build a team around but only if he is prepared to put in a shift and then some. Arthit wasn't always prepared to do that.

He spent nine years with Chonburi, joining when he was 17, so he certainly got plenty of chances at one of the few football clubs in Thailand that is prepared to give young players a chance.

But he didn't take the chances.

There are many reasons why highly rated young players don't kick on to make the grade at the highest level. Some burn out, some lose their way, some believe the hype.

I have no idea if, later on down the line, Arthit will come to rue his squandered opportunities. Or whether he will decide he made a more than comfortable living by the minimum effort.

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