Friday, November 08, 2013


Hamkah Hamza Moves To Malaysia

Hamkah Hamza has signed for Malaysia Super League side PKNS.

Regular readers will know I rate Hamkah highly. He is a powerfully built player, all to rare in Indonesia, comfortable on the ground as well as the air.

In many countries, teams, and indeed the national team, would have developed sides round such a player but not this place. Instead, Hamkah has drifted from club to club during his career, ending last season with Mitra Kukar.

It's time more Indonesian players chanced their arm overseas and while Malaysia has many similarities to Indonesia with culture and language, it is a start.

Next season, PKNS will be coached by Wan Jamak Wan Hasan. During the 2013 campaign they boasted Roman Chhmelo, a familiar face for Hamzah if he sticks around, and the prolific Liberian striker, Patrick Wleh.

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