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IPL Play Offs Slated For Jepara and Bantul

The Indonesia Premier League is still with us. Kind of.

The league itself has all but ground to a halt, a mixture of apathy and incompetence slowly choking the league. Persija, Persema and Persibo were effectively kicked out of the league while Bontang want to be kicked out but were told they couldn't.

Persebaya and Arema have no future in their current guises as the new set up, the latest of many new set ups, won't  be recognising two clubs sharing the same name!

Semen Padang will be in the Super League next season by dint of winning the IPL.

The remaining 10 IPL clubs will go into a play off to decide their own futures.

Each play off group has five clubs...don't ask for who is playing when, no one seem to have thought that far ahead yet.

Jepara Group - Persijap, Pro Duta, PSLS, Bontang, PSM

Bantul Group - Persiba Bantul, Perseman, PSIR, Persepar, Persiraja.

I will add the actual playing schedule when I hear it. Which, knowing this country, may be after the games have been played.

And as to who goes up and other idea!

16 Oktober 2013:  
PSLS vs Bontang FC, Pro Duta vs Persijap Jepara (grup K)
17 Oktober 2013:  
Persiraja Banda Aceh vs Persepar Palangkaraya, PSIR Rembang vs Persiba Bantul (grup L)
18 Oktober 2013
Persijap Jepara vs PSLS Lhokseumawe, PSM Makassar vs Pro Duta (grup K)
19 Oktober 2013
Persiba Bantul vs Persiraja Banda Aceh, Perseman Manokwari vs PSIR Rembang (grup L)
20 Oktober 2013
PSLS Lhokseumawe vs PSM Makassar, Bontang FC vs Persijap Jepara (grup K)
Persiraja Banda Aceh vs Perseman Manokwari, Persepar Palangkaraya vs Persiba Bantul (Bantul)
PSM Makassar vs Bontang FC, Pro Duta vs PSLS Lhokseumawe (Jepara)
Perseman Manokwari vs Persepar Palangkaraya, PSIR Rembang vs Persiraja Banda Aceh (Bantul)
Persijap Jepara vs PSM Makassar, Bontang FC vs Pro Duta (Jepara)
Persiba Bantul vs Perseman Manokwari, Persepar Palangkaraya vs PSIR Rembang (Bantul)
Winner Bantul group vs Winner Jepara group
Winner vs Semen Padang

Do we have any idea (since I cannot find it anywhere) what this "verification round that the 3 best teams of each group advanced to is exactly? I got that there will be a semifinal on Tuesday between Persepar and Pro Duta and the winner will face Semen in 2nd of November (when Semen will be involved in a tournament in Vietnam...great timing). Also I managed to watch some matches on TV (or on line since this SINDO TV not available in Jakarta) and well most of them were fixed... big disgrace for Indo footie, they were real parodies!
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