Friday, September 06, 2013


Squeaky Bum Time In Race To Escape Drop

PSPS are long gone. The only question for them left is will they concede a 100 goals in the season? Their last two away games are in East Kalimantan, against Mitra Kukar and Persisam. Just seven and the have reached the magic ton in what has been a truly hapless second half of the season.

Persidafon too look to have burnt their bridges. They do have home advantage for their final two games, Arema and Gresik United, but even if they were to win those two and Pelita Bandung Raya lose their final two games they would need cricket scores to climb above them.

Persiwa too seem to have imploded but final home games against Persib and Persita offer the opportunity of saving their skin for another season of ISL but again their goal difference will count against them if Pelita Bandung Raya manage to pick up points.

PBR are three points ahead of Persiwa and currently sit in a play off position should they end the season there. But first they need to negotiate a tricky trip to Kalimantan for their final games, against Barito Putra, who tend not to drop many points at home, and Persiba.

Everything, it seems, hinges on that final game, Persiba v Pelita Bandung Raya. Two wins for Persiwa will threaten Persiba, who have to play Sriwijaya, and even Persita Tangerang who won't relish their final two games against champions Persipura and Persiwa.

The attention most definitely will be on the east of the country for the final round of fixtures; indeed there are no games at all on the islands of Sumatra and Java.

With four teams struggling to get get away from the drop it promises to be a very exciting, nerve wracking end to the season. Expect a few refs to be called Homer!

13 - Persita 32 8 11 13 31-46 35
14 - Persiba 32 8 10 14 37-46 34
15 - Pelita BR 32 7 12 13 43-49 33
16 - Persiwa 32 9 3 20 29-56 30
17 - Persidafon 32 7 6 19 36-63 27
18 - PSPS 32 4 5 23 23-93 17

Rumour has it that 'some people' is trying to reduce the number of clubs from Papua island in order to keep the other clubs' expenditures on transportation low.

With that scenario, Persiwa and Persidafon will be relegated, Perseru will be on the 4th place of DU play offs, and will get beaten on promotion/relegation play off..
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