Sunday, September 01, 2013


Semi Finalists Confirmed For Divisi Utama

Perseta v Perisiko 3-6
Persik v PSCS 2-0

PS Bangko v Persebaya 1-1
PSIS v PS Biak 1-3

Persikabo v Perseru 0-0
PSMP v Perseba Super 5-1

So now we know the semi finalists for the Divisi Utama Play Offs. The league started with five regionally divided conferences before coming up with a Big 12 based in 3 groups.

The top team from each group goes through to the semi finals along with the best placed runner up.

After the Big 12 has finished then the following clubs will converge on Solo for the semis.


I guess from the organisers viewpoint that is about as good as you can get. Persik have been paying their home games in Solo for the Big 12, it is a journey they know well.

It remains to be seen whether any Persebaya fans make the journey; they are less than loved on the Central Java city  and anyway the fans tend to follow the IPL team.

Persikabo have a healthy home support; it remains to be seen whether any make the journey east and as for Perseru...sorry, I don't have a scooby!

The draw will be made sometime and the games will be played after he draw has been made which is something I suppose.

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