Friday, August 23, 2013


Warriors Weave Their Way Round Hougang

Football people like to tell you how professional they are. That thoughts about revenge, for example, are petty and beneath them.

You tell me Alex Weaver didn't open the front door of his house last night, close it behind me and let out an almighty 'YES!' that rent the suburban night. You tell me he wasn't high fiving every player in the dressing room after the game. You tell me he couldn't sleep last night as he was still buzzing.

After being so shabbily treated by Hougang United Weaver was taken on by Warriors and last night the two teams went head to head in the SLeague.

Marin Vidosevic gave the visitors the lead half way through the first half and a second half penalty from Mislav Karoglan gave the team formerly known as SAFFC a two goal cushion.

Fairoz Hasan scoring two minutes from the end would have caused some squeaky bum time on the visiting team's bench but they held on for a crucial and indeed emotional three points.

In the scheme of the SLeague it means little. Warriors remain the wrong side of mid table and Hougang second bottom. But in the context of a league lacking match day passion the result means a hell of a lot to one person at least.

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