Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Australia Joins ASEAN Football Federation

DILI (27 Aug 2013) The Football Federation Australia (FFA) were admitted as a full member to the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) following an AFF Extraordinary Congress in Dili, Timor Leste yesterday.

FFA’s admission – decided by way of a unanimous vote by the 11 Member Associations of AFF – will enable Australian National Teams to participate in AFF competitions and ensure Australia enjoys full political membership of the regional body.

“Timor Leste was the last member to be admitted into the AFF, so it is only fitting that we are all here for this proud nation to pass the baton to Australia” said His Royal Highness Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, the President of the AFF.  

Added David Gallop, the FFA General Secretary and CEO: “FFA is honoured to be admitted to the ASEAN Football Federation. We look forward to being an active member, and to contributing to the ongoing development and success of football in our region.”

The decision was welcomed by Lt General Dato’ Azzuddin Ahmad, General Secretary of AFF. “FFA today joins the other 11 countries of AFF as an equal, and we look forward to working closely with Australia in the years to come”, said Dato’ Azzuddin.

Australia is currently participating in the AFF U16 Boys Championships in Myanmar, and will also compete in the AFF Women’s Championships and AFF Futsal Championships later this year.

The membership comes on the eve of an important milestone in the countdown to the AFC Asian Cup Australia 2015.

 “Tomorrow will mark 500 days to go until the Asian Cup comes to Australian shores. As a member of AFF, we will do our upmost to do ASEAN, and indeed all of Asia, proud,” said Gallop.

COMMENT - good or bad news?  Presently the Socceroos compete in the East Asian Football Federation Championships against teams like Japan, South Korea and China and that would appear to be their level.

Will they forego the EAFF to compete in the AFF in the future? At what benefit to them is the question that springs out. To field a B team of A League players because the internationals from Europe and those playing in Asia won't be falling over backwards to compete in what is, outside of the region, a tin pot tournament.

And will the Aussies be able to curb their natural brashness and abrasiveness. You only had to hear the coach of the cricket team whining recently about English players cheating during the failed ashes series to see how the fair dinkkum possums react when things don't go their way!

Ian Botham and co can brush that kind of whining off but here in a more sensitive part of the world will they be so forgiving? Or will it be seen as overpowering white guys looking down on the rest?

So, yep, difficult to see what is in it for everyone really. With the focus for now in Asia on AFC Asian Cup qualifiers and, regionally, the SEA Games I guess we play a waiting game.

Ahmad Shah is becoming BlatterII...
Will Australia please play your own balls?
D ausies will be in a surprise
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