Thursday, July 18, 2013


So You Wanna See Chelsea?

After Arsenal come Liverpool and Chelsea to Jakarta. As I said before the Arsenal prices were pretty reasonable all things considered.

Meeting the players was open to limited numbers of Supporters Club members, no need to charge while local fans guided the players on to the pitch.

As far as these things go fairly well handled and sensitively priced.

Now we have Chelsea. Who are owned by one of the richest men in the world.

See the image of the stadium? VVIP for the Chelsea game is RP 3,5 million, about 230 GBP. For Arsenal, about 50 quid!

The cheapest tickets for the Arsenal game are half the price of Chelsea's cheapest tickets!

But there is more from Chelsea as they seek to exploit every last rupiah from the local fan.

You wanna meet and greet the Chelsea team next Tuesday? Rp 22 million! That is 1,500 GBP. Oh, it does include a VIP seat costing IDR 2 million as well!

Wanna get a shirt signed? No problem mister, IDR 7 million. For that you get a shirt and a Category 1 match ticket.

Coaching clinic? Piece of cake. Rp 5.5 million gets you that and a cheap ticket for the game and a shirt.

There is more. Lead the players on the pitch and it costs Rp 6.5 million. You do get a free shirt as well of course!

As a comparison it was free for Arsenal kids while when a Thai beer team played Manchester United the player escorts were sons of politicians and businessmen.

I said a few days ago Arsenal had handled things fairly well. Just look at Chelsea's naked greed and crass cynicism.

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