Monday, July 08, 2013


Lilypaly Waits For Letter

Stefano Lilpaly has been called up by Indonesia coach Jacksen F Tiago for their friendly against Arsenal this weekend.

That doesn't mean he will play.

He did come on as a substitute for his Dutch club side Almere City in a friendly against Hartlepool United last week but that is no guarantee either he will be hitching a ride with the Arsenal to south east Asia.

The PSSI it seems had not got round to sending a letter to the Netherlands requesting his presence in what is after all just a friendly. It has no status in FIFA and the Dutch team have their own preparations to make for their new season.

No doubt Lilpaly would love to pull on the red and white shirt of Indonesia but unless PSSI gets their finger out, which happens rarely, it looks like he may miss out on an English double; Hartlepool United and Arsenal within a few days of each other.

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