Friday, July 26, 2013


From Guarding The Goal To Guarding Other People's Money

PSMS are one of Indonesia's traditional powers. There is a certain aura about the name of the football club. Well, there used to be.

Now, they are just one of many laughing stocks within the game of football.

The players haven't been paid for several months. But when they tried to protest the club tried to sue them! It took the sports minister to step and say something before that little nugget was forgotten about. Or has it?

No doubt FIFA would have preferred the sports minister say nothing and allow the club to sue the players, such is their slavish devotion to political interference in football. When it suits them.

Anyway PSMS players are having to find other jobs to make ends meet. Like working as a security guard at a bank. Or cycling a rickshaw.

Indonesia's big holiday is coming up next month, Id ul Fitri at the end of the fasting month. Companies are obliged by Indonesia law to pay their staff a month's salary and most companies do. Some football clubs of course don't. They don't feel the need to pay even a weekly or monthly wage.

So I wonder as those English clubs on their private jets and five star hotels. I wonder if they got to hear about the plight of their Indonesian brethren?

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