Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Classico No Longer To Be Played In Jakarta

The last two meetings in Jakarta between Persija and Persib have resulted in chaos. Last year fans were attacked and killed in the stadium while this year with the game scheduled to be played behind closed doors the Persib team bus was attacked outside their hotel with the players on the way to the stadium.

Persib kept on driving right on out of Jakarta without worrying about the game.

Following that incident in Bandung, a busy weekend destination for Jakarta folk looking for cheap clothes and brownies, cars with Jakarta registration plates were attacked while one person died when the car they were in was hit by rocks passing under a bridge.

The Jakarta police have reacted by saying the game should be played at a neutral venue as they won't allow it to be played in Jakarta anymore.

Some questions remain unanswered like why Persib were even on a bus when they usually travel to the stadium in armoured vehicles? Did the bus have a police escort?

Persija official's refused to provide armoured vehicles, they didn't prepare it well, that was the problem.
what do you mean armoured vehicles? Persib always travel to the stadium by using a bus, though when they play in Jakarta.
Do Persija using armoured vehicles when they play in Bandung? yes, they do.
from my standpoint, unlike any other football rivalries around the world, the thing between Persija and Persib is never literally between 'Persija' and 'Persib'..

It has been (and always) more to 'Jakmania/Persija supporters' and 'Bobotoh/Viking/Persib supporters'..

Moreover, the hatred lies among them is based on ridiculous reason(s). Unlike social class difference on Boca-River Plate rivalry or political view disagreement on Milan-Inter rivalry,, or even religious views' disparity on Rangers-Celtic..

Hi, I'm looking for an accurate fixture list for the ISL whilst here in Jakarta. Would love to watch a game over the next week, but all the info online contradicts itself. Can anyone help me out? Many thanks, James
James you can watch during the weekdays at 15:30 WIB from Tv One and during the weekend at the same time but at Antv plus there is a match at 19:00 as well.
you can visit ISL's official website:
Indonesian Super League
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