Saturday, July 06, 2013


Carry On Regardless

The sad and depressing tale of players going without salaries drags on interminably here. PSMS players have been protestingg about their outstanding monies and in fine Alice in Wonderland tradition the PSSI have threatened to action against the olayers for having the gall to request their emplyers uphold their end of the contracts.

Now the Indonesian sports minister has got involved saying, in effect, it is wrong for the players to be punished and nothing happens to the club.

Where are FIFA in all this? As we have seen numerous times over the last few years, FIFA just don't give a shit. Set up another league and they pretend to spit the dummy. Hold a meeting and they go nuts. Have politicians try and get involved and they go ballistic. But clubs not paying salaries toplayers? No repsonse.

In fact FIFA will be more upset by the sports minister's quotes than the actuall issue itself.

We shouldn't expect any different. After all FIFA are quite happy about  events in Brazil and don't see mass public unrest as reason enough to have a Plan B for the World Cup next year.

The message from the game's gverning body is quite clear. Clubs are free to carry on not paying slaries...

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