Saturday, June 22, 2013


Without Fans

Security officials in Jakarta decided Persija's high octane clash with Persib could go ahead. But without fans.

Its a busy day in Jakarta what with the city celebrating its birthday and a big rock concert up north as well as some fragile, geriatric men in town on behalf og Manchestwr United so security officials decidwdmthe last thing they needed was Persija v Persib to be policed in the hart of the city.

A game like this without fans is like Christmas without Santa. And from what i am hearing it never happened anyway. I'm hearing tales of rocks, hooligans, buses and a game called off. More when I know more...

UPDATE - The bus carrying the Persib team from their hotel to the stadium was attacked by Persija fans so they never bothered turning up for the game. Persija officials are calling for the game to be awarded to them 3-0, Walkover, because Persib never turned up but no decision has been made whether the game will be replayed or not.

In response to the incident Jakarta registered cars were attacked in Bandung, a popular weekend trip for capital city dwellers.

Typically when the two teams meet they travel to and from the stadium in armoured vehicles. For some reason this time Persib chose a bus.

ironically, the attack happened just less than 1km away from central police headquarter (Polda Metro Jaya).
Indeed, the attackers are stupid and barbaric. But in my standpoint, Persija's management and the authority are also responsible.
why were they using a bus and not the usual armoured personnel carrier?
Saw "the match" on TV. Pengawas Pertandingan said Persib would be escorted to stadium in armored vehicle as Persib had requested and Panpel had agreed. But in matchday, for some reason, they only used bus.

I'm actually glad the bus never made it to the stadium as many Jakmania were already waiting for the bus just outside GBK. Things could have been worse.
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