Friday, June 21, 2013


IPL Walkovers

The race is on to find the walkover champions in the Indonesia Premier League. With the season effectively a dead rubber for all but three of the teams, those who get promoted and can join the Super League next season, the only thing of interest remaining is who doesn't turn up for games.

Persibo won the Indonesia Cup last year and did a spelnedid job of humiliating themselves in the AFC Cup this campaign. They are taking that fine form into the IPL by not bothering to turn up for their scheduled games and foreiting the points.

They are second bottom on the ladder, only Persija IPL remain below them, and from 12 games have two wins showing...and one of them came against Persija. Who, you may have guessed by now, never turned up!

Persibo have not turned up for six games, by far the most impressive record in the league. Persija have not turned up for three, they have just one point, no home stadium and no fans.

14 - Persema 11 3 0 8 15-26 9
15 - Persibo - 12 2 1 9 6-27 7
16 - Persija 10 0 1 9 6-33 1

14 - Persema 15-26 9
15 - Persija

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