Monday, June 03, 2013


PSIS Crowds Deserve Bigger Stage

v PSCS 1-0 22,000
v Persitara 2-1 14,125
v Persipur 7-0 22,000
v Persiku 0-0 22,000
v Persip 4-0 25,000

Pretty consistent numbers there from PSI. In fact apart from the Persitara game, strangely consistent! Do you get the impression they don't really take an accurate count of fans through the gate?

haha,, you know how gatekeepers works here. and yes we deserves an accolades too.. if you notice, our attendance never gets below 10k this past two season. thanks for the coverage m8

you still going to games?
yeah mate, 3home games this season and one away game when they beat the north Jak!

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