Saturday, May 11, 2013


Warriors v Albirex Niigata 2-3

The result made this game closer than it looked. And more exciting. Seriously, after 25 minutes I was ready to head home. Even a wonder free kick by Shingo Suzuki did little raise the quality as we traipsed towards half time.

Right after the break Kazuki Sakamoto made it 2-0 with a drive across the goalkeeper hich was bad news for me because it gave the drummer man near me an excuse to carry on drumming.

Moments later Main Vidosevic pulled one bac for the nominal home team and that set off the Warriors fan club. You'd think they would have reached puberty by now but luckily for the rest of us they didn't seem to keen on cheering their team that much when they were losing.

Bruno Castenheira restored the two goal cushion with a penalty that had the Warriors bench sqealing so 10 minutes later the ref decided to give the warriors one as well which Mislav Karolgan put away to set up an exciting if nervy final 20 minutes.

Albirex Niigata held on for the three points and second pace.

Lucky I ddn'nt go home at holf time eh? The first 45 minutes were so depressing I could think of nothing positive to say so spurned the opportunity to speak to Vox TV, who ever they maybe!

you in singapore?
was for a few days, back home now
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