Saturday, May 11, 2013


Taylor Made?

Local reports in Singapore yesterday suggested Peter Taylor was the front runner for the Singapore national team. He does have a short term gig with one of England's age groups but could be available after that.

The former Southend United, Crystal Palace and Tottenham winger made history when he played for his country while still a third division player. He also took the reigns for England for one game when they were between coaches.

He was coaching Bahrain in that infamous game when they defeated Indonesia 10-0...hope he gets the job, would love to know what happened that night!

A personal Peter Taylor story. I was at White Hart Lane for my first North London Derby and for some reason best known to my West Ham supporting brother we were on the Park Lane end. During the warm up he fired in a shot that missed the goal and caught some poor home supporter full in the face. Oh how I tittered...beneath my breath!

If Taylor does get the job, Singapore players can rest easy in the knowledge that they will have his full support should they find themselves at odds with the law or the FA.

What? Eh? Oh.
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