Saturday, May 11, 2013


Tampines Rovers v Geylang United 1-0

Singapore's premier derby, the East Coast, has moved temporarily moved west and has the passion of snogging a dead fish. Tampines had lost their last game while Geylang have enough nous to give anyone a game.

The Stags had enough chances first half to shed some daylight between the rivals but each time the Geylang keeper was equal to the task. Sorry, no names, I got no team sheet!

Second half and the consistent Josef Kaplan should have given the visitors the lead but didn't. Moments later Jamil Ali scrambled the ball home from close range and the champions were in the driving seat.

Geylang responded with vigour but Tampines work ethic was epitomised by aging striker Alex Duric. At the end it was he whose decisive header broke up a threatening atack and it was Duric again who cleared the corner setting Jamil Ali on the counter. His 50 + yard run ended with him hitting the post.

Fair play to the Geylang fans who sang for ost f the game. They seem to have ditched the zombies, a bunch of miserable looking kids who would stand up, sit down on command but had no idea what was happening on the field and would only come alive when it was chicken rice time. The less said about the home support the better!

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