Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Jakarta FC/Persija Get New Home

The official IPL website still insists on calling them Persija even though a court last year ruled they can no longer be known by that name...but it's only the law, right? Then again the official website rather optimistically says Persija will play at Bung Karno this weekend.

That's not true. They had hoped to play at Singaperbangsa Stadium in Karawang but apparently that costs too much to rent; Persipasi and Persika manage ok. Last season they were forced to play their home games in Madiun, East Java as no one in Jakarta would accept them!

Now they will play their next two home games in Bantul near Yogyakarta. They host Persepar on 11/5 and Persibo on 15th down there. I guess travelling down to Bantul and staying overnight there works out cheaper than using Karawang?

While they are in Bantul they may well bump into the other, real, Persija, who are training in Yogya ahead of their home game against Persiba this Saturday...and no one yet knows where that will be played!

UPDATE 7/5 - Persija ISL must play their next two home games, on the same dates as Persija IPL, in Solo. Again.

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